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1995-2010, Sigma ART for Youngsters

A Place,

- Where the artist and the young create and they inspire each other;

- Where not a single artistic act is concentrated, but the diversity is brought up;

- Which is open for everyone.

« Sigma Art» CONCEPT
A cultural-educational and artistic centre, where:
  • Offers demeanor (behavior and attitude) to youngsters with artistic vocation, artists as well as to other organizations with similar objectives;
  • Brings up progress on artistic and social plan for them, helping them to find their place in a favorable medium, which encourages cultural progress through art.

« Sigma Art» TEAM
Is made of:
  • professional artists,
  • international trainers of Drama and Theatre in education and
  • peer-educators (equal educators), which have as porpoise to bring a social positive change for the youngsters in formation.
In the last few years this kind of initiative is considered a real success on international plan, a good example being the progress of punks which found a new turn of phrase in change of social aberrances as vandalism.

The Cultural Foundation for Youth SIGMA ART,
because of its cultural-educational and artistic (performances) activities, is the first and only institution of “Drama and Theatre in Education” in Romania, known at a high national and international level, which represents an important formal and informal segment of Education.

Sigma Art Projects 2009-2010

  • Magazine “Brand Sigma Art” (go to Partners and Mentors) ;
  • Peer Educating (go to Theatre Pedagogy) : exchange of experiences national and international (workshops, festivals, tutorials, creation camps etc.), with the porpoise of forming and perfecting professional-artistic and theatrical modern methods of working with youngsters;
  • Performances (go to Repertoire) : presenting the 2009-2010 repertoires at SIGMA ART Studio and ACT Theatre (ACT Theatre makes a deal with you high school gang” project);
  • Sigma Art’s Theatre Company’s tour (go to Projects) in High schools and Theaters in Bucharest ;
  • National and International Theatre Festivals (go to Projects) for students and pupils;
  • National and International Projects (go to Projects) in collaboration with the Romaine National Agency(ANPCDEFP).