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A long way down (Lenght: 70’)

inspired from “A Long Way Down” by Nick Hornby

Director: Cristian DUMITRESCU

	The central idea of “A long way down” is not that people
 go in different places to commit suicide (as example 
 jumping of a tower-block), but the real communication which
 appears between people for different generations, who manage-
 in extreme moments of their lives- to discover new common and
 very important aspects about themselves and to tell them, an
 a way, to the rest of the world; The freedom reached by
 our characters through the “suicidal act” creates a freedom
 of speech, with new and original attitudes in front of
	The music used in the spectacle is manifold, including 
 old music loved by youngsters and adults along (Boney M, Queen,
 The Who, AC/DC, R.H.C.P.)